Near East University

Near East University is a multi-faceted and cultural education center that comprises various historical and cultural values of the region. Since the very first day it was founded, it has been proudly putting its mark on extraordinary achievements with its dedicated employees and students who focused on the ultimate goal of winning.

Founded in Nicosia in 1988, Near East University has been designing the future of more than 30 thousand students coming from 134 countries with its experienced and dedicated academic staff and rich education and training opportunities. Near East University is dedicated to educate self-confident, responsible, rational, innovative, research oriented and free-thinking individuals.

The academic and administrative units of the Near East University consisting of 19 faculties, 220 undergraduate and associate degrees, 218 master’s and doctoral programs conducted by 8 institutes, 3 colleges, 4 vocational schools, 3 schools and 28 research centers are offering the the best education and training environment in the region.

The Near East University Hospital, Near East Dentistry Hospital, Near East Animal Hospital, laboratories, research centers, workshops, computer centers, cultural centers, radio and television studios, largest library of Cyprus, Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts, Cyprus Car Museum, dormitories, Sports Tower, Olympic indoor swimming pool and other social and sporting facilities offer students a rich academic life and social environment.